I want to change my order after the purchase went through, is it too late?

When you place an order, you should get an email within minutes with the details of your purchase. We do our best to fulfill every order as soon as possible, usually within 1 business day. Typically, if your order is placed after 6:00 pm CST and it is before 10:00 am the following business day, you can still change your order before we ship it to you.

What if I just want to add something to my order?

If you want to add anything to your order you can place an additional order - your items might just be shipped to you separately. If you are attempting to get an additional item in on an order with free shipping or a specific coupon or discount code, you will need to contact us before your initial order ships.

If you do not contact us before your order ships, we cannot make any changes to your order. Please see our return policy here if you want to return your shipped item(s) and exchange it/them for something else.