Why isn't your website working?

There are a couple of things that we suggest trying:

1. Clear your cache on your browser. You can find instructions for your browser type online -- each is a little different.
2. Update your browser; it may be due to an old version of javascript.
3. Try a different browser.
4. Try a different device. Our website is optimized for mobile and tablet as well.

If none of these solutions work for you, please email us at support@methodbikes.com with screenshots or pictures of the problem, and we will try to help you out as best we can. We can take orders manually over the phone, and we are happy to do so if you are unable to place the order yourself for whatever reason.

Why isn't my zip code validating?

Double-check to the zip code associated with the card you are trying to use is correct. Sometimes the billing and shipping information are different, so double-checking the billing address zip code will be important. If you have already checked to make sure, try contacting your bank, something else could be going on with your card. You can also try to complete your purchase on another card in the meantime.

My card was declined, but I still want to complete my order; what should I do?

Your card could have been declined for several reasons; usually, it is because of insufficient funds, previous issues with fraud, chargeback abuse, or some other discrepancy with your card. We recommend you contact your bank to get this issue sorted out.

To place an order, you will need to use a different credit or debit card.